Water supply, sewerage networks, and future city development: Theoretical update and on-the-job training of the UKT staff members in view of the Territorial Reform


Discontinuous drinking water supply, water losses up to 70% of the overall volume supplied, and contamination of the drinking water by anomalous entering of wastewater that jeopardizes the health of the citizens are just a few of the main issues of the aqueduct of Tirana (Albania). A combined sewerage network, with two watercourses that cross the city serving as mains, completes the picture of an integrated water resources cycle management system dated and underdeveloped. Additional difficulty is added by the administrative fragmentation of the territory surrounding the Albanian capital city that results in the lack of a unique development plan for the management of the water supply network. The principal goal of the KEP is the training of a work group of UKT technicians supported by expert know how providers that would help them to acquire the skills required for implementing the urgent rehabilitation of the aqueduct of the Albanian Capital.

The know-how providers involved in the project were the acknowledged experts of Idrostudi srl and BM Tecnologie Industriali srl, that have a vast experience in water supply and sewer networks design, optimization strategies, networks monitoring and rehabilitation.

The primary objectives of the project are:

  • A well-planned training program dedicated to the UKT staff members who achieved high-quality improvements in the water supply management.
  • The completion of high-quality training to UKT officers through a structured educational program so that they acquired in-depth knowledge and understanding of the state-of-the-art on the field of IWS. The training program included advanced-level courses and practical training activities
  • The acquisition by the UKT staff of all necessary technical and management skills for a successful management of sewerage systems and aqueducts. This was achieved through special courses and support of the know-how providers
  • The increase of the awareness of the Albanian technicians of the importance of a sustainable use of the water resource
  • The establishment of strong ties between the partners and the beneficiary’s staff involved in the KEP, which is expected to initiate a lasting collaboration between them and increase the opportunities of business for the Italian know-how providers.
  • The dissemination of the results to the public and the main Albanian authorities (DPUK and Ministry of Infrastructures).

The expected short-term outcomes of the approach and the activities of the KEP are:

  • acquisition of technically advanced skills in the networks monitoring and management by the Working Group team members;
  • gain of GIS and hydraulic simulation skills by the Working Group team members
  • birth of a collaboration between UKT and the Tirana Municipality that exploits the know-how and the experience of the Working Group members allowing for a confident transformation of the present condition to a rationalized organization of the water supply and sewerage organization system;
  • sharing of the management approach acquired during the KEP with the Municipality and the Multiutility companies;
  • dissemination of the cutting-edge rehabilitation methods of the water supply networks to the Municipalities and Multiutility companies staff members.

In the medium-term, the knowledge acquired by the UKT staff members will allow them to approach efficiently the rehabilitation works of the Tirana water supply network. The long-term outcome expected after the KEP conclusion is the application of the management strategies and technical skills acquired to other regions of Albania.

The Project is co-financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD (contributed by Italy) in the framework of the CEI Know-How Exchange Programme (KEP). Idrostudi srl and BM Tecnologie Industriali serve as Know-How providing institutions, while UKT is the project Beneficiary.

Launched in 2004, the CEI Know‐how Exchange Programme (KEP) is a development instrument supporting projects focused on the transfer of know-how and best practices from EU to non-EU CEI Member States. The rationale of the programme is based on the assumption that the economic development in non‐EU countries can be strengthened through the transfer of best practices and benchmarks already in place in more advanced economies.

The project in numbers

  • 2 know how providers institutions;
  • 1 beneficiary institution;
  • 11 months of project duration;
  • Total project budget: 72’000 €;
  • CEI co-funding: 21’242 €;

Project partners

Know-how provider institution
Idrostudi is an Italian research and consulting SME that since 2002 works to combine scientific research with applied solutions for the optimal water management and the hydraulic protection of the territory. Idrostudi performs water supply and sewer networks design, smart metering, real-time monitoring, modeling, aqueduct leak detection and pressure management, numerical modeling of rivers, coastal areas, flooded areas, scaled-down physical modeling of interaction between water bodies and hydraulic infrastructures, hydrological and hydrogeological studies, design of environmental and hydraulic engineering solutions, networks survey and GIS. The ongoing R&D commitment, carried out in close partnership with the academic world, allows Idrostudi to be tenant of the AREA Science Park of Trieste, Italy, the Italian multisector scientific and technological park and national public research institution. Idrostudi is certified by BSI – British Standard Institution UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 pertaining to the Design and provision of consultancy services for hydraulic and environmental engineering.
Know-how provider institution
BM Tecnologie Industriali is an Italian company leader in the production of Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meters, Radar and Ultrasonic Level Meters and their applications, measuring campaigns of flow rate in sewer networks, supporting the water losses detection, in producing telecontrol and monitoring systems
Ujësjellës Kanalizime Tiranë (UKT)
Tirana’s Water & Wastewater Utility Company



Project co‐financed by the CEI Know‐how Exchange Programme sponsored by the CEI Fund at the EBRD