Trieste is an Italian city and a seaport in north-eastern Italy. It is situated towards the end of a narrow strip of Italian territory lying between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. Trieste has 205,000 inhabitants (2019). Almost the 80% of the population is served by a sewerage system (sanitary + stormwater) collected by the WWTP of Servola. The WWTP extension refers to an area of 3,2 ha and a projection of 323,000 PE. The work supervision referred to an extension of the entire plant starting from the pre-treatment area (upgrading the grease removal tank, improving the aerated grit removal tank and building a new screening system for debris removal).

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Integrated Urban Water Management
country ITALY
  • Work Supervision
  • Contract administration
  • Verification and approval of the construction contract and the constructor’s health and safety provision
  • Review and monitoring of the contractor’s programme (construction, equipment supply, installation and commissioning and related activities)
  • Construction monitoring including daily site diary, field reports, interim reports, executive reports
  • Quantity and quality control entailing the measurement and certification of quantities which results in the approval for payment for the constructed and certified volumes
  • Defects liability period support

Water Utility Company: ACEGAS-APS-AMGA SPA (JSC)