Water is one of the world’s most precious invaluable asset that must be protected and safeguarded. It is fundamental to survival on our planet and is under continual and growing pressures from population growth, climate change and pollution. Protecting this most precious resource is a growing concern around the world. Idrostudi understands the challenges posed to today’s water environment. The Idrostudi water and wastewater team provides a full range of services to Water & Wastewater Clients, including strategic planning, master planning, feasibility study, detailed design, construction management and works supervision, financial analysis and planning, Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA), Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Economic and Financial Analysis (EFA), Environment Social Health and Safety (ESHS) safeguard provision. Furthermore, we offer a multi- disciplinary solution in that we can consult on all aspects of a project, be it Civil, Structural, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation and/or Environmental. Operations planning and facility maintenance/management (O&M) requirements are fundamental aspects in maintaining infrastructure, including CAPEX and OPEX calculation. We understand that the operational requirements and the working environment have direct impacts on the lifecycle of completed projects and we address these aspects from planning and design, through to the construction phases of a project. Our design services include the preparation of technical specifications and tender documentation to the guidelines of various clients, Performance Based Contracts (PBC) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept development.

We plan and design facilities towards the objectives of the Global Agenda