Greater Accra is subject to chronic flooding (very high urban flood risk), the impacts of which are increasing due to climate change, and concentration of population and assets in flood prone areas. The Government of Ghana, with financial support from the IDA is embarking on improving critical drains and natural drainage channels to mitigate the perennial flooding in Accra as part of the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development Project. The existing storm water drainage network in Accra consists of a purely gravity system of mainly open drains and limited covered sections in the Central Business District and along the Kaneshie-Mallam road. The floods which usually occur in the rainy seasons have caused substantial human and material loss during last decades.

Poor environmental sanitation has become a significant urban challenge for the Greater Accra Region in the past decade and contributed to increased flood risk. These problems have been exacerbated by factors such as poorly managed land use, unregulated development of settlements, and inadequate municipal solid waste management. This engineering consultancy services assignment seeks to address the development and delivery of detailed engineering designs, construction drawings, specifications, bills of quantities which are synchronised to the construction drawings, and engineer’s cost estimates for targeted civil works construction contracts, preparation of tender documents and other tasks and outputs related to Component 1 – CLIMATE RESILIENT DRAINAGE AND FLOOD MITIGATION MEASURES.

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Disaster Risk Reduction & Management, Civil-Environmental Engineering
country GHANA - Greater Accra Region
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Topographical surveys of drainage network
  • Hydraulic and numerical modelling of the urban drainage network
  • Flood Hazard and Urban Flood Risk assessment
  • Preliminary Design of structural measures (new rectangular and trapezoidal drains, rectangular and circular culverts, dredging, banks protection from erosion)
  • Preliminary Design of non-structural measures (nature-based solutions, SuDS)
  • BoQ, Cost Estimates and Tender Documents
  • Scheme management and maintenance plan (O&M)
  • Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building Program

Ministry of Works and Housing of Ghana through the International development Association funds (IDA – WB)