The main objective of the Consultancy is to provide the WU with integrated Urban Water Supply Master Plans over a 30-year horizon to increase access to improved water supply. The consultancy services include modern optimization tools for the analysis on current and future water availability/demand, network hydraulic models and integrated water distribution networks [District Metered Areas (DMA) approaches for Non-Revenue Water (NRW management)] water loss management which will determine the optimum sequence of financial investments to achieve sustainable economic, social, and environmental goal (both technically and economically).

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Integrated Urban Water Management
country ITALY
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement/information/consultation throughout the project
  • Topographical network surveys; network digital mapping (CAD/GIS)
  • Identification of the daily current and future demand (based on different Master Plan horizons and urban planning – population growing projections)
  • Water balance analysis
  • Water Supply BASELINE establishment;
  • Network Hydraulic modelling
  • Development of DMAs for NRW management
  • Pressure-flows data collection and monitoring campaigns for hydraulic model calibration and validation
  • Analysis of optimized scenarios for integrated water distribution networks
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimation
  • Master Planning and phased investment program

Water Utility Company: BrianzaAcque srl