The Water Utility Company Padania Acque S.p.A. manages the Integrated Water Service cycle of a city in north Italy. Padania Acque S.p.A. guarantees the supply of drinking water and the entire range of services regarding water treatment for potable water (WTP), wastewater collection and related treatment (WWTP). Water losses represent one of the main problems in the efficient and sustainable management of water supply systems. The Water Utility Company  intended to create a fully remote telecontrol system for the entire network based on the “Internet of Things” in order to converge multiple technologies, real-time analytics, machine learning, sensors and embedded systems in one of a kind solution for the entire WS network.

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Integrated Urban Water Management
country ITALY
  • Leakage detection surveys and analyses
  • Water balance analysis
  • Pressure and flows data collection and monitoring for hydraulic model calibration
  • Validation of WS network hydraulic model and analysis of current operating condition
  • Analysis of optimized scenarios for the water supply network
  • Development of District Metered Areas (DMAs)
  • Meters and remote telecontrol system design and installation
  • WEB based WS network GIS system
  • Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction Plan
  • Design of optimized network operations to improve/optimize energy consumption and to reduce the water losses
  • Guidance for preparing Water Audits and Loss Reduction Plans

Water Utility Company: Padania Acque S.p.A. (JSC) with EU Funds