The project regards the construction of a dam on wadi Al Majlass, requested by the Municipality of Muscat, in order to reduce considerably the hydraulic risk of flooding in the town of Quriyat and in the territory located upstream until village of Habubiyah.The objective of the project was to conduct feasibility study and prepare detailed design (and physical modelling) for construction of the most economically advantageous engineering solution that would protect the flood prone areas of Quriyat and of the whole catchment, from floods and avoid losses of lives , damages of properties, casualties.

Sector Disaster Risk Reduction & Management, Physical Modelling
country OMAN - Quriyat City
  • Hydrologic study
  • Hydraulic modelling (1D and 2D)
  • Physical modelling (scale 1:60)
  • Hydraulic physical testing of the dam (spillway, outlets, stilling channel, stilling basin, …)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources of Oman (MRMWM)