The water utility company ABBANOA SPA manages the Integrated Water Service cycle of all the municipalities of the Sardinia Region. ABBANOA SPA guarantees the supply of drinking water and the entire range of services regarding water treatment for potable water (WTP), wastewater collection and related treatment (WWTP). The served population is 1,6 million people with about 13,000 km WS+WW networks, 1,800 pumping stations, 49 WTP and 360 WWTP. ABBANOA SPA intends to develop Integrated Water Supply Plans for several Municipalities concerning network water losses and energy consumption reduction.

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Integrated Urban Water Management
country ITALY
  • Networks topographical surveys
  • Analysis of the WS networks system in order to establish the service baseline
  • Water balance analysis
  • Leakage detection activities
  • Development of District Metered Areas (DMAs)
  • Pressure Management Zone (PMZ)
  • Pressure and flows data monitoring and collection for hydraulic model calibration
  • Validation of WS network hydraulic model and analysis of current operating condition
  • Analysis of optimized scenarios for the water supply network
  • Development of a phased programme (short, medium and long term)
  • Water Supply Management Plans including Leakage Management Plan

Water Utility Company: ABBANOA SPA (JSC)