The overall objective of the study is the sustainable improvement of life and sanitary conditions of the Shichahai lakes in Beijing urban area through a SANITATION PLAN. The Sanitation Plan covers stormwater drainage, wastewater collection and treatment. The study is part of a wider project aiming at understanding the causes of water quality deterioration in the Shichahai Lakes which surround the Forbidden city in Beijing. Through field investigation and water quality model building the consultant has identified the main reasons of lake pollution and has produced different scenarios that mitigate the problems, analysing the environmental impact in terms of physical, chemical, biological components

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Integrated Urban Water Management
country CHINA
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Water quality survey and assessment
  • Design and implementation of the water quality and quantity monitoring system
  • Development of the hydraulic modelling (1D – 2D) of the system and the water quality model for the lake
  • Capacity building and training on the hydraulic modelling
  • Master Plan and Feasibility Study of the possible water treatment facilities/technologies
  • Hydraulic modelling support to the Detailed Design of the WWTP
  • Hydraulic modelling support to the Plant Operation and Monitoring

Beijing Xicheng District Bureau of Environmental Protection