Discontinuous drinking water supply, water losses up to 70% of the overall volume supplied, and contamination of the drinking water by anomalous entering of wastewater that jeopardizes the health of the citizens are just a few of the main issues of the aqueduct of Tirana. An update of the technical knowledge of the UKT staff (Ujesjelles Kanalizime Tirane – Municipal Water Company in Tirana) together with an improvement of their project management skills were an essential step for updating the aqueducts and sewer systems to the state-of-the-art in order to avoid severe impacts on the urban context and on service to the users.

Sector Water Supply and Sanitation, Integrated Urban Water Management
country ALBANIA - Tirana
  • Digital organization of the drawing archive by means of a GIS
  • Techniques of leak detection in water supply networks
  • Energy saving techniques and network optimization
  • Simulation of the sewerage and aqueduct with hydraulic models

Central European Initiative at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (CEI at EBRD)
Beneficiary: Municipal Water Utility Company Ujësjellës–Kanalizimeve Tiranë (UKT)