We facilitate the work and improve the output for the Clients thanks to the following complementary services that extend our activity range.


At Idrostudi we own the most advanced technology to obtain and integrate data, for timely information on the state of water networks. With particular regard to technological networks, the company specialises in the design, implementation and maintenance of GIS/CAD/3D-BIM systems and therefore in integrating collected data with the customer’s databases, with full respect for the existing data structure and regulations that have already been implemented. International and national partnerships guarantee the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation in the implementation of measurement campaigns.


Institutional capacity building is crucial for updating and integrating knowledge in the natural sciences, engineering, environment, economics, finance and sociology. Capacity-building of personnel and institutions engaged in water and environmental sectors is needed to ensure they can deliver what is expected from them. Where there are no clear national policies on water management, Idrostudi can policy makers and stakeholders in devising policies that clearly state the direction of water management. Participatory planning at the project level can result in more appropriate design and significant stakeholder contributions, leading to improved project outcomes. Participation by stakeholders in planning and implementation of practical improvements in areas where they live and work and in local plan preparation has positive outcomes and can be scaled up to play a role in city-and catchment-level planning. Idrostudi aims to strengthen the capacities of the Clients’ staff and projects stakeholders to enable them on regularly manage, operate and maintain the water assets and to carry on and update the projects investments. Idrostudi is used to organise a roundtable with the staff that has to be trained assessing its background knowledge and skills, so that a tailored training programme can be properly developed by means of know-how and best practices transfer.